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Gaviota Hot Springs Pool

Gaviota Hot Springs in Southern California

California is the third-largest state when it comes to “soakable” natural hot pools. The southern portion of the state has significantly more places to enjoy a hot soak than the north. The southern California border is located east of the states of Nevada and Arizona, to the south by the international border of the United States and Mexico and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.
There is no official definition for the northern boundary of southern California, but most include all the land south of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Tehachapi Mountains. To simplify navigation, we have set southern California beginning at San Fransisco drawing a straight line across the state to Nevada. This portion of California has the highest population density areas of the state which include San Jose, San Fransisco, Los Angelos and San Diego clocking in at approximately 7 million people, not to mention the "smaller" cities around them.
Southern California is home to Yosemite, Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. You will also find Sierra, Sequoia, Los Padres and San Bernadino National forests along with a smattering of wilderness and preserves. Not too mention spectacular hot soaks like Deep Creek which requires a long hike and the ultra cush Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and Spa.
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The natural hot springs listed below feature directions, descriptions, pool conditions, ratings, reviews, photos, videos and facility information and include if they are clothing optional, RV/ pet-friendly and have seasonal access restrictions.

    Whitmore Hot Springs

    Murrieta Hot Springs

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    Gaviota Hot Springs

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    Shoshone Hot Spring

    Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort

    • Natural Hot Pool

    Mono Hot Springs

    Miracle Springs Resort and Spa

    Mercey Hot Springs

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    Glen Ivy Hot Springs

    Glamis North Hot Springs Resort

    Franklin Hot Springs

    Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort

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    Esalen Institute and Hot Springs

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    Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and Spa

    Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and Hot Springs

    Desert Hot Springs Spa and Hotel

    Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

    Delight’s Hot Springs Resort

    The Spring Resort and Day Spa

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    Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa

    Beverly Hot Springs Spa

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    Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa

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    Avila Hot Springs

    Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa

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