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Long Valley is a caldera in eastern California that is home to a number of backcountry hot springs and fumaroles in the Mammoth Lakes region. The caldera is one of the largest in the world, measuring 20 miles long by 11 miles wide and 3,000 ft deep.

Located in the Long Valley Caldera, Wild Willy’s Hot Spring features several hot pools situated in a scenic desert landscape, surrounded by stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Pool temperatures range from 90 to 105F.

Named because of how steam rising from the source resembles a Crab Cooker, this hot springs is located along the banks of the Upper Owens River and contains several hot pools with temperatures ranging from 100 to 110F.

Found on the edge of Owen Valley, the only pool at Hilltop Hot Springs is fed by an underground source, which may be as hot as 130F.

With multiple hot pools to choose from, Whitmore Hot Springs is nestled in a canyon setting surrounded by trees. Pool temperatures range from 95 to 110F.

While not recommended for soaking, the Hot Creek Geological Site is still worth a visit due to its exceptional geological features and geothermal activity.

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Hilltop Hot Springs (Pulky’s Pool)

Wild Willy’s Hot Spring

Whitmore Hot Springs

Hot Creek Geological Site