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  • David

    It has been blocked off and is no longer a hot springs at all. My question is where does the thermal water now go? I assume it must flow somewhere or does it simple stay underground now? There was a lot of hot water there, so I am wondering if the springs used to be fake? Did they artificially add minerals and heat? I bathed there before and it was very strong minerals and extremely hot. The only thing I can come up with is that the new owners discovered it was fake, because if it was authentically that powerful and hot and they closed it off and back filled the places where it bubbles out of the Earth than I can think of no reason that anyone would do that. All the talk of insurance and stuff is a joke and not relevant to tearing it down and back filling a natural hot spring with dirt and rocks. Honestly isn’t that some kind of a crime?

  • David

    One more thing to add.
    This place is clothing mandatory now. And in case I was not clear before. It is NO LONGER a hot spring of any kind, or a spring of any kind. So please update your records

  • Jim

    Siskiyou native 1949 – 1980…

    The springs were divine. A small group of us would fill the baths in the evening. Singing, chanting, music, joy.

    The springs were naturally cold, filling a large concrete tank just above the bathhouse.

    Absolutely monstrous maze of pipes under the bathhouse. It appeared the system had been upgraded or repaired for decades. The water went through a series of hot water tanks…. all added ad hoc.

    The owners I talked to over the years never acted on any of the suggestions of on-demand available in the late 20th century.

    It is really unbearable that money comes into these absolutely precious springs.

    It is absolutely jackbooting such an obviously sacred place with their “peace” and crushing this place.

    I know how the Kurak folks feel. Many my schoolmates.

    Taking bets on who will prevail:

    1) bnb money makers
    2) The sacred waters.

    My bet is Number Two

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