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Many of the best hot springs in California are located on public land, usually managed by the National Forest or BLM, which means they are often free to access and open to everyone.

Public Hot Springs in California

Hot springs located on public land can also be undeveloped and unregulated, which means you need to be respectful, responsible and prepared when visiting them.

You also need to be aware of the potential risks and challenges, such as weather, wildlife, water quality and seasonal accessibility.

Popular Public Hot Springs

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Buckeye Hot Springs

Deep Creek Hot Springs


Gaviota Hot Springs

Hilltop Hot Springs (Pulky’s Pool)

Hot Creek Geological Site

Marin Tidal Hot Springs

Montecito Hot Springs – Hot Springs Canyon

Remington Hot Springs

Saline Valley Hot Springs

Sespe Hot Springs

Sykes Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs

Whitmore Hot Springs

Wild Willy’s Hot Spring

Willett Hot Springs