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  • Belle

    Luv ?

  • Brent Gaddis

    Park at the Deep Creek Hot Springs Campground 1/4 mile past Bowen Ranch for the best experience. Secure parking right at the trail head in areas no longer accessible through the ranch property. New closer parking area & hot spring access trail in the works to be finished soon. Deep Creek Hot Springs Campground is a beautiful place with its own spring on the property being developed for public use. The owners of the new campground & parking area are very nice and helpful too, unlike the people at the ramshackle Bowen ranch next door who are well known for their inhospitality and aggressive behavior, especially if you don’t get off the property before dark when they close their gate.

  • JayBay

    Bowen Ranch is closed and does not allow camping overnight. The Bowen Ranch property is fenced off before the trail head and no longer has access since the real owners of the property asserted their rights and withdrew permission for access as they develop their own parking area & campground on a much larger piece of property that was part of the original Bowen Ranch started in 1925. A private spring is located at this new parking & camping site as well.

  • Brent M Gaddis

    They say, it is the most natural Hot Spring in North America .Ancient pilgrimages were led to this place by the first humans that settled lands after the last ice age .From that time to the present california’s that are in the know .Continue this same pilgrimage.that has been going on here for tens of thousands of years.To a place of such natural Beauty it captivates confounds, all whom visit it.

  • Relax

    Loved this place the very first time I went… for the land and the hot springs experience, but very other time it has been too busy and more of a party place. I would only go back during the colder/slower seasons.

  • Steve Peck

    I have visited Deep Creek Hot Springs several times. Love the options offered by the different pools. Nudity has been the norm every time I have been there. Make sure you stay on the trail when returning to your vehicle at the trailhead. It is very easy to get lost if you don’t. I thought I was smart by trying to take a short cut. I was not prepared for the two guys with a rifle that I encountered. They eventually took me to my car and released me after relieving me of my money.

  • Bret Hicks

    Bowen Ranch map didn’t help much. Hiked for nearly 2 hours following a trail only to end up right where we started. Really frustrating. Came across other hikers who were also having a hard time finding it. Hope they at least did

  • Bob

    Hiked up and back in nothing but my hat and boots. Very enjoyable!

  • Richard auwlcock

    Love to be nude around all people let’s go back soon.

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