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A listing of clothing-optional hot springs in California where you can soak freely without a swimsuit. Nudity is common at many public hot pools like Deep Creek, Travertine and Wild Willy’s. Soaking in your birthday suit can be quite liberating, as many hot springers prefer to participate sans suit.

Nude Hot Springs – What You Need to Know

Clothing-optional hot springs, also known as nude or naturist hot springs, offer a unique approach to experiencing the therapeutic benefits of hot potting while enjoying the freedom of being naked in a natural setting.

The majority of hot springs where nude is the norm typically have signs posted warning potential soak seekers of ‘bare’ habitat. While some may feel hesitant or uncomfortable with the idea of being naked in public, many soak seekers find that the experience of soaking naturally without clothing can be both liberating and rejuvenating.

Another benefit of clothing-optional hot springing is that your swimsuit won’t be transferring harmful detergent into the water.

Clothing-Optional Soaking Etiquette

Please remember to respect one another and leave judgments aside when visiting these special places. The majority of hot springers that soak nude do so as a way to peacefully connect with nature. In other words, it’s rude to stare.

It is recommended to be courteous, friendly and short-winded unless chatter is the general consensus. It’s actually possible to swap stories and enjoy a peaceful soak.

Tips for Getting Naked at the Hot Springs

Check the rules before stripping down. Most of which are clearly posted at or near the hot pools.

Rinse your body before and after soaking in any clothing-optional hot springs if at all possible.

Sunglasses and a sun hat (Amazon paid link) are actually worth the trouble when day soaking for the simple reason that the sun reflects off the water. They help protect your eyes and skin!

Bring a couple of quick-drying towels. One to stand on and one to dry off with. Large microfiber towels (Amazon paid link) are nice because of how fast they dry.

Hot springs can be extremely hot and prone to temperature surges. Make sure you are aware of the temperature before getting in. Take it slow, and don’t stay in too long if you start to feel uncomfortable. Most hot springers find that investing in a trusty thermometer (Amazon paid link) is more than worth it.

Clothing-Optional Hot Springs Map and Listings

Be mindful of your surroundings as hot springs are often located in beautiful but fragile natural settings. Always respect the environment and pick up all trash – leave no trace.


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