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Nude Hot Springs in California

A map and listing of clothing-optional hot springs in California where you can soak nude and natural without a swimsuit.

FYI, unless you don’t EVER wash your swimsuit you are most likely polluting natural hot springs with detergent. It’s so much more enjoyable to soak without having to worry about hurting these special places. Wet swimsuits are a huge pain anyway!

Tips for Getting Naked at the Hot Springs

  • Rinse your body before and after soaking in any clothing-optional hot springs if possible.
  • Sunglasses and a hat are actually worth the trouble when day soaking for the simple reason that sun reflects off the water. Always remember to protect your eyes and skin!
  • Bing a couple of towels. At least. One to stand on and one to dry off with.

Map and Listing of Clothing Optional – Nude Hot Springs in California

Featured Hot Springs Demo
    • image-79

    Whitmore Hot Springs

    • image-74

    Wild Willy’s Hot Spring

    • Natural Hot Pool

    Gaviota Hot Springs

    • Natural Hot Pool

    Sykes Hot Springs

    • Hot Soak & Mud Bath

    Travertine Hot Springs

    • Hot Tub

    Orr Hot Springs Resort

    • Natural Hot Pool

    Mono Hot Springs

    • image-43

    Living Waters Spa

    • Getting Ready to Soak

    Harbin Hot Springs

    • Cliffside Hot Springs Pool

    Esalen Institute and Hot Springs

    • image-20

    Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and Hot Springs

    • image-17

    Delight’s Hot Springs Resort

    • Soaking Pool

    Deep Creek Hot Springs

    • Soaking Pools

    Wilbur Hot Springs

    • image-5

    Benton Hot Springs