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  • Ana Jacobsen

    Do not go there! Came here with my mom to spend the day. On their website they say that since there’s no food available for purchase, they have a community kitchen that’s available for everyone to cook at. We brought food for cooking, and, when we got there we were informed that the kitchen was being used for an event and was unavailable. We had to improvise with snacks and had to leave earlier without enjoying the full day we paid for (and it’s not cheap!). When I complained about, I got no explanations as to why I wasn’t informed that the kitchen wouldn’t be available at the day of my reservation, nor attempts to make it up to me. Expensive prices that don’t match their service at all! Don’t recommend!

  • J webb

    I’ll also say don’t go there as 5pm is too early to be kicked out when paying for an expensive $59 day pass. They are a long way from anywhere so they need longer hours. The other problem is Day use starts late at 10 am. I arrived at 10 once and it took a half hour or an hour to find someone to check me in.

  • Michelle marcinik

    You people need to stop being petty . So what you couldn’t cook food wow. So what you had to leave at 5 people don’t want to stay up all day and night just to kiss everyone’s ass to make you happy. The review is for more important reasons that you are inconvenience. Wow where is this world going.

  • Annerose M Kmoch

    Yes, I agree this place is hostile to day visitors. It is not acceptable to ask visitors to leave by 5:00 pm the best time of an afternoon to kill the day early. They just want your money. Find another place to soak.

  • X

    Terrible service

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