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  • Rick

    This place is nothing like its advertised. The cold pool is stagnant and even though they say you can have music till 7 pm you are not allowed to make a sound because it offends others. I went here once and never again.

  • Nancy footlik

    The pool is cold. Nothing close to as nice as the pictures. Not a family or friendly place

  • Red Marshall

    Wow – these other reviews really show how perspectives and opinions can really be based on the person, not the place. I’ve been here twice, both times for lengthy stays of 4 nights. I have found the people, both staff and other guests, to be very friendly. It’s true that it’s a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere, and not one that is necessarily conducive for family (read: children) or loud music, but if you can hang with that, you will love this place. Personally, I think it’s the best hot springs resort that I have ever been to; and I have visited several through California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska, where I am from. The layout and verity of the pools, the cleanliness, the message therapists, and the way the place is run are all top notch. Such a special place.

  • araceli

    I love everything about this place. Ive been going for over 20 years, its a peaceful place to soak. I agree that noise is limited, but when looking to relax im ok with that. Not only are the grounds beautiful Montgomery woods is not far up the road if in the mood for a gorgeous hike. Always reccomend to everyone, book in advance.

  • Brent A Halse

    I went there once and enjoyed it. I wish the pool wasn’t freezing cold, I would have liked to have swam it, but otherwise it was a good visit. The road to get there isn’t real good, but I handled it.

  • Amanda O

    Had an amazing time!! Very clean and friendly staff. The two cats that are on the property are hilarious and super sweet!! Loved every second of it!! Only wish it wasn’t 3 hrs from where we live.

  • Amanda

    Orr hot springs was absolutely beautiful!! Very relaxing and serene. But the prices are way different than it says in the description. It is more like $100 for a day pass. And that is for one or two people!! But still highly recommend it!!!

  • Mike

    Amazing place. So amazing I’m glad others don’t like it

  • David Izett

    Been going to Orr for 15 years.
    I echo what Mike said: “i’m glad others don’t like it” because then there’s always room for ME!!
    Staff is great, pools are meticulously clean, toplevel bathtubs are epic.
    COVID has sabotaged the kitchen, which is one of the more fun aspects of the place.
    Cooking together with strangers is delightful.

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