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Hot Springs Near Bishop, CA

The largest populated city in Inyo County and Owens Valley is a perfect base camp for accessing geothermal springs and outdoor recreation in the Eastern Sierra.

Whether you seek rustic charm at Remington Hot Springs, family-friendly fun at Benton Hot Springs, a historic soak at Mono Hot Springs or modern amenities at Keough’s Hot Springs, you’ll find the perfect pool for your adventure.

Discover the unique characteristics of each spring, from natural rock formations to developed bathhouses. Find tips on access, etiquette and nearby attractions. Plan your escape, from camping under the stars to enjoying cozy cabins, and prepare to be enveloped by the magic of the Eastern Sierra and its geothermal treasures.

Bishop Area Hot Springs Map and Listings

Regional elevation: 4,150′. Natural Hot Springs in Northern California located in the Bishop area are listed below.


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Benton Hot Springs

Keough’s Hot Springs

Mono Hot Springs

Remington Hot Springs