Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Mountain Center


2 Reviews on “Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Mountain Center”

2 reviews
  • Ellen

    It was an amazing experienced visiting tassajara, the bread, tea and of course the hot pool, flowing clear water at the creek, I took my 4WD and the terrain is exciting it was fun,
    I recommend a lot many to my freindz and they are looking forward to visit tassajara with freinds and family.
    The flowers the tall trees the nature
    it’s amazing

  • gerard

    I visited Tasajara pre COVID for a seminar on rivers and mtns -hiking. The ambiance was peaceful, serene and spiritual. The food was wholesome and delicious. The monks were delightful and insightful. Truly a memorable week in nature and with a group of truth seekers brought together with love and charity.

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