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  • Lina Petra

    Sadly, this hotspring is now so over used that I got a horrid bladder infection from soaking in the tubs. This means that unclean people are using the tubs without first washing their bottomside. It was horrible. I had just showered before I came to the site myself, but others are not always able to do so and the water quality pays the price. If you want e-coli in your tub, go for it. I was in the small tub. Just gross.

  • Mic

    Went in December. Stunningly beautiful, few people, not too terribly cold. There were some like protozoa looking little wormies in the water though… so we left. luckily no disease contracted to report of, lived to tell the tale six months later lol

  • Chris Haynes

    I watched one of the tribal patrol trucks write a ticket to people camping there so I would not say camping is allowed.

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