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Hot Springs in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Retreat to a desert oasis where towering palms sway beside steaming pools – Desert Hot Springs beckons with rejuvenation and relaxation in the Coachella Valley sunshine. Soak in mineral-rich waters, surrounded by lush gardens and vibrant resorts, beneath a sky painted by unreal sunsets.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious tranquility of The Spring Resort & Spa, known for its opulent accommodations and innovative wellness programs. Seek holistic healing at Two Bunch Palms, a clothing-optional haven with natural mineral pools and a focus on mindfulness. Or, bathe in the natural elegance of Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort, perched on Miracle Hill with breathtaking mountain views.

The hot springs in Desert Hot Springs are fed by two underground aquifers that produce mineral-rich water at different temperatures. The hot water aquifer emerges at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cold water aquifer emerges at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is then cooled and mixed to create various pools and spas with different temperatures and mineral compositions.

Desert Hot Springs Map and Listings

Regional elevation: 1,076′. Natural Hot Springs in Southern California located in the city of Desert Hot Springs are listed below.


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Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa

Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort

Caliente Springs Resort

Desert Hot Springs Spa and Hotel

El Morocco Inn and Spa Hot Springs

Living Waters Spa

Miracle Springs Resort and Spa

Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort

Sea Mountain Inn Clothing-Optional Resort

Sky Valley Resort

The Spring Resort and Day Spa

Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa