Agua Caliente County Park Hot Springs


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  • Vidal Demonti

    A very special place in the middle of the desert, about 2.5 hours drive on US-8 east. The water is perfect for soaking and relaxing. There are also outside cold pools for your enjoyment. Plenty showers and changing area. Everything is clean and well kept. The cost of $3 per person is definitely worth the visit

  • Kikko Bachan

    I like this place. We stayed overnight in the Cabin. The stars were shining beautifully at night.

  • Mary

    Upon moving to the Julian area, there was a beautiful park, not so long ago. You could go relax enjoy the indoor spa and out door pools in nature. It was a serene place to relax and unwind. Over the years, it has become so crowded you can not even use the facilities indoors most days as to the capacity being wayyy over the allowed amount. It’s elbow to elbow, who enjoys that? The small outside pool is the only pool there is for smaller kids and toddlers who can’t possibly swim but would like to enjoy the pool too. It’s always packed. And the pool which would be nice is not big enough again for the capacity it holds. Ppl are using blow up chairs and lounge chairs and it makes it very unpleasant.
    It used to be a ” quieter” place. There is so much beauty to enjoy but the loud noise just drowns out the peace.
    Most of the sites are very small to fit a tent for 2 let alone a larger one, and so close to the road, almost considered a shoulder. When you park the car it is right against the car which is right next to your fire ring.. Very cramped.
    So if your looking for a secluded state park over looking the beautiful desert mountains and a peaceful hot spring, this is not it.
    I’m glad I’m local however, so I can check it out before going on less chaotic days. 9 years ago, I gave it a solid 5.
    However now, as time has went on its dropped. I’m giving it a 3. I would give it a 2 but even with the problems it’s nice to go to cool off in the desert, it’s just no longer my top 5 favorite go to’s anymore, sadly disappointed …..

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