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Hot Springs in Big Sur, CA

Carve a path through redwood-draped canyons while listening to the roar of the Pacific echoing until you stumble upon steaming hot pools nestled amidst rugged beauty. This is the magic of natural hot springs in the Big Sur region, where the untamed coast and verdant mountains collide with geothermal wonders.

Whether seeking clothing-optional serenity at the Hot Springs Retreat of Tassajara, the challenging hike to Sykes Hot Springs rewarded by natural rock pools or the iconic cliffside perch of Esalen Hot Springs and Institute with its renowned baths and breathtaking hot pool views, let this region be your guide to an unparalleled Californian experience.

Discover the unique characteristics of each spring, the adventures that await and the etiquette and access considerations. Plan your escape, from rustic campsites to luxurious retreats and prepare to be swept away by the soul-stirring combination of Big Sur’s beauty and natural geothermal features.

Big Sur Hot Springs Map and Listings

Natural Hot Springs in Southern California located in the Big Sur area are listed below.


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Esalen Hot Springs and Institute

Sykes Hot Springs

Tassajara Hot Springs and Zen Mountain Center