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  • Brian Phelps

    Sykes Hot Springs was a great soak in a winter rain when few people would make the hard hike inland. The experience got much worse over the years due to people building new firepits, defecating in the bushes, and leaving lots of trash behind. But the hot springs are no more.

    The Pine Ridge trail (and all of the camp sites along it) to Sykes was closed by the Soberanes Fire in 2017. In the winter of 2017, the trail was blocked by multiple washouts along creeks and dozens of fallen trees across the path. The high water on the Big Sur River also wiped out the man-made containment that created the hot springs pool. In January 2020, the Forest Service stated that when the Pine Ridge Trail is reopened, it would not allow the hot spring enclosures to be rebuilt. Forest Service spokesperson Lynn Olson said the artificial structures violate wilderness ethics and laws that do not permit man-made structures.

  • A Soaker

    Is that the same Forest Service that manages the forests for the timber companies? How does that not violate “wilderness ethics”?

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