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About Wilbur Hot Springs in Northern California

Wilbur Hot Springs, located in Wilbur Springs, California, is a beautifully rustic hot springs hotel and resort. Wilbur features a clothing optional hot springs resort, overnight lodging, massage, activities, yoga and dining.

Part 1 of Wilbur Hot Springs Video

Part 2 of Wilbur Hot Springs Video


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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing us with your world! It is so important that we get the word of Wilbur out there, and we can’t thank you enough for the time you took to put this together and inform all your interested followers! Thank you again… and let me know if I can ever answer any questions! Cheers, and be well!

    Michael from Wilbur

  2. California Hot Springs Admin

    Many thanks for the kind words, you are very welcome! 😀

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