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Nude Hot Springs in California

Clothing-optional hot springs in California where you can soak nude without a swimsuit.

Nudity is common at many public hot springs like Deep Creek. Soaking in your birthday suit can be quite liberating, and some hot springers prefer to participate sans suit.


It is important to keep in mind, that if you are not comfortable with nudity then you should avoid certain hot springs. If you want to visit one where nudity is the norm, by all means, go! The experience is always worth it. However, we all need to remember to respect one another. Leave judgments aside when visiting these amazing places. And, remember, there is a reason why we call them clothing-optional hot springs.

Tips for Getting Naked at the Hot Springs

  • Rinse your body before and after soaking in any clothing-optional hot springs if possible.
  • Sunglasses and a hat are actually worth the trouble when day soaking for the simple reason that the sun reflects off the water. Always remember to protect your eyes and skin!
  • Bring a couple of towels. At least. One to stand on and one to dry off with. Large microfiber towels (buy on Amazon.com paid link) are nice because of how fast they dry!
  • FYI, unless you don’t EVER wash your swimsuit you are most likely polluting natural hot springs with detergent. It’s so much more enjoyable to soak without having to worry about hurting these special places. Wet swimsuits are a huge pain anyway!

Listing of Clothing-Optional Hot Springs in California

Harbin Hot Springs