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Throughout time, our beloved hot springs may meet an untimely demise. Natural disaster, mistreatment, fire or for other various reasons, hot springs become closed. This is very unfortunate, especially to those of us who love these wonders of nature. In this section, you will find a list of hot springs, and a bit of information about them, that are no longer open to the public, or simply just aren’t available for use. If you have additional information, or find that ours is incomplete, please let us know so we can keep this list as up to date as possible.

Thanks, and happy soaking!

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    Nance’s Hot Springs Resort

    Gone But Not Forgotten Once located in the beautiful city of Calistoga, California, Nance’s Hot Springs Spa offered many fond memories to make for its visitors. Nance’s was a modest place, as described by its guests, with amazing mud baths, comfortable accommodations, and always a great soak!   In November Read more [...]

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    Harbin Hot Springs

    Harbin Hot Springs Special Notice The wrath of the Valley Fire stretched far and wide, leaving devastation in its tracks. Our beloved Harbin Hot Springs did not survive unscathed. Where was once a tranquil and pristine retreat, now stands its charred remains.   As of now, Harbin is closed until Read more [...]