California Hot Springs Map

Every public and commercial hot springs located within the state of California will eventually be listed here! Currently, over 50% of all ‘soakable’ natural hot springs are live on the map. Updates occur daily and weekly, so check back frequently!

Hot Springs Location Specific Maps

Use the locations listed on the homepage to view maps for each selected region. The top-of-page search box will help you locate, for example, the best hot springs for camping near Ukiah or where to find clothing optional soaks near Bishop.

Statewide Google Map

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6 Thoughts on “Statewide Map

  1. I know my parents have enjoyed the different temperature pools of hot springs in Warner Spring, Ca. Although, I seem to recall one of them having an odor of sulpher

  2. here’s a couple more that I know of. My bosses daughter knows of one behind Half Dome somewhere and that’s the one I came on here looking for- we saw pictures of people in the water on Google and now I want to hike to it :)

  3. has alot of California’s hot springs listed but NO MAP! -not even a rough guess map! You could easily kick that websites butt by simply MAPPING their own locations! Plus, they don’t cater to us local calif soakers… so you already are better… sorry for burying you in info, but I’m rooting for your website!!!!

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