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Current Advertising Opportunities for Commercial Hot Springs Owners

Featured Ads
Featured advertisements for your hot springs that link to your website or listing on

Featured ads include the following components:

  • Image
  • Name of the hot springs plus one callout (linked)


Available Featured Ads Placements (3)

  1. HomepageNorthernSouthern and over 20 location landing pages (example of a single location)
    Placement location: Sidebar top-right

  3. Hot Springs Listing Pages (over 40 individual listings – example of a single listing)
    Placement location: Sidebar top-right

  5. Site-Wide
    Includes the HomepageNorthernSouthern and over 20 location landing pages, over 40 individual hot springs listings (placements 1 and 2) AND all 16 soak by features landing pages (example) and search result pages (example).
    Essentially every page on the site EXCEPT for the About, Roads, Privacy and Supplies pages (and this page).
    Placement location: Sidebar top-right


Payment Options

  • Monthly auto pay options
  • 3, 6, 9 and 12 month payment options


Getting Started
After contacting us we’ll reply back with current placement rates and answer any questions you might have. If we’re a good fit, our team will prep to go live with your featured ad within 24-48 hours of receiving ad components and payment.

Please send us a message or contact us on Facebook Messenger.